Printer in Remote Session

Printer for Remote Desktop is a reliable and easy-to-use solution for remote desktop printing. It allows to use your local printer in a remote desktop environment through Microsoft RDP, Teradici PCoIP and Citrix ICA.

The program creates a virtual printer on the remote server and maps it to the local printer as if your local printer were plugged directly to the server side. So, you can print to your local printer from the remote session or application.

Secure and separate access

Each printer is isolated within an individual user session. No one can see your sensitive documents or use your local printer.

All brands of printer compatible

Printer for Demote Desktop is a universal printing solution for all brands of printers.

Support for RDP, PCoIP and ICA protocols

This is an ideal solution for redirecting WIA and TWAIN scanners though Citrix ICA, Teradici PCoIP and Microsoft RDP protocols.

Single-user and multi-user environments

Redirects printers to Terminal Servers or to single-user systems.

Quick specs

OS: Windows, Version: 1.5, Price: $
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